Ball’s in their court

Certain Democrats have been gloating of late because of the House Republicans’ complicit failure to enact some sensible change in their party’s House leadership. Though I’m not a Democrat, I am gloating somewhat. However, I’ll be fuming big time when the Senate Democrats choose to re-elect Sens. Thurman Adams and Harris McDowell to their leadership positions.

As printed in The News Journal, President Pro Temp (and resident cauliflower nose) Thurman Adams has stated he doesn’t know when the caucus will meet to vote.
Perhaps that’s a mendacious sign of things to come. Could it be that the cocky Senate Dems feel they’ve got no reason to change leadership because — like the House Republicans — they’ve got the majority and see no reason to mess with a “winner?” My senses tell me there will be no race to change leadership by the Dems this year. And more’s the pity, because under the leadership of Adams and McDowell (and, to a certain extent, Majority Whip Anthony DeLuca), these loons have been a major part of the legislative problem in Delaware over the past decade. Whether it’s open government, equal rights for all, or the electricity deregulation business, Democrats have been at the forefront of corruption in the Senate. Though certain bloggers and nefarious creatures may be hesitant to agree to that diagnosis, it’s truth smells a whole lot worse than that which emanates from Cherry Island.

What I find most interesting about the Democrat leadership in the Senate is the endorsement Adams has received by many Republicans, including newly-elected Minority Leader Charlie Copeland:

After Monday’s vote, Copeland said Senate Republicans will fully support Adams, who has said he plans to seek another term at the post. Copeland is often mentioned as a potential GOP candidate for governor in 2008, although he has not committed to running. Copeland again said his immediate priority is “doing the best job I can for the members of my caucus.”
What about doing the best job you can for your constituents and the other 700,000 citizens of the state, Charlie? Not supporting tyrant thug Thurman Adams would be the first step. Your tacit, ringing endorsement of that corpse is a sign that we’re likely to get the same “stay the course” bullshit your comrades in the House offered up last night. You want to be governor, ole boy? Then refine your message and come out swinging against Adams.

Here’s how I see it: The Dems own the State of Delaware. They can basically do whatever the hell they want. The Republicans have proven themselves to be quite complacent idiots when it comes to attempting change. They did it partially by kicking misogynist Sen. John Still out on his ass and electing Sen. Copeland as minority leader (although this seems quite tactical from their perspective). It is now up to the Senate Democrats to do something about the mess they’ve got in Adams and McDowell (and, to a lesser extent, the de facto power awarded near-dead Sen. Jim Vaughn). Either keep up the status quo like their buddy President George Bush or offer up some fresh candidates to take over leadership in the Senate.

I’m thinking Sen. Karen Peterson, the only real Democrat senator who’s put forth some awesome ideas in way of totally revamping the way state government handles its business.

The ball’s in the court of the Democrats now. Whether or not they decide to play is up to them.