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President Islam Kerimov closely escaped death

Back in Tashkent, President Islam Kerimov closely escaped death on February 16th, 1999 when bomb outrages killed 13 people and wounded 124. Two suspects of this assassination attempt and bomb outrages, Rustem Mamatkulov and Zayiniddin Askarov, captured in Turkey on 3 and 5 March 1999 were extradited to Uzbekistan. The investigation In Tashkent, brought to daylight that the defunct “Hadji-Badji” ( Erbakan-Ciller) Government was involved in the plot. Rustem Mamatkulov testified in court in Tashkent that PM Erbakan had paid him $100,000 on 2 July 1997, a few days before President Demirel and the Turkish military buried that awful government in the dusty pages of history. As usual the American Disinformation Mechanism misrepresented the whole story and accused Turkey of delivering innocent Muhammed Salih followers to Uzbekistan. Salih was eventually deported from Turkey by President Demirel and is now living in Norway in exile.

In short, the disturbances in Uzbekistan only 2-3 weeks ago are all a continuation of these events which greatly harmed Turkey’s relations with the Turkish world. To this background, will PM Erdogan’s visit to Washington in a week result in any changes in Turkey’s Eurasia policy based on mutual trust and cooperation with Moscow? The answer rests in another question, would anyone of any conscience and patriotism do it under these conditions?