Weller - The Halvorson Position

COMPREHENSIVE REFORMER. Halvorson does not mention immigration on her campaign website, but as state Senate Majority Leader, Halvorson was praised by immigrant advocates for her strong support for comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, Halvorson declared her support for "earned citizenship" for undocumented workers at a Kankabee County Farm Bureau candidates forum in August 2008. In 2007, as the illinois General Assembly considered legislation to authorize a special driver's permit for undocumented residents, Halvorson said Democrats discussing the proposal viewed the bill as a positive for public safety. [Kankakee Daily Journal, 8/23/08; Chicago Tribune, 3/29/07]

The Ozinga Position:

ENFORCEMENT PLUS VAGUE REFORM. On his campaign website, Ozinga says: “America's borders must be secured at once. Legal immigration has always been a source of great strength for this country, but illegal immigration flaunts the rule of law, compromises our national security and costs Illinois taxpayers over $3 billion each year.” The site goes on to state that “Marty will take the lead in Washington to secure the border; oppose amnesty and taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants; work with state and local agencies to enforce the law; establish a workable employer verification system; and streamline the legal immigration process to ensure the American economy has the workforce it needs to remain globally competitive.” It is clear that the candidate is trumpeting his border enforcement credentials, but this last line in his platform suggests some acknowledgment of the need for reforms that go beyond enforcement. [Marty Ozinga for Congress, accessed 5/15/08]