The Lampson Position

ENFORCEMENT ONLY. On his campaign website, Lampson offers the following position on border security and immigration: “Illegal immigration and border security are very serious problems here in Texas. I am committed to fighting illegal immigration and making sure we get our borders under control.” [Nick Lampson for Congress, accessed 5/15/08] Lampson continues, “We must also crack down on employers hiring illegal immigrants. For too long we have been turning a blind eye to businesses that break the law and exploit the labor of illegal immigrants. In 1999, 417 businesses were sited [sic] for hiring illegal immigrants. That is not a lot. But in 2004, just three businesses were sited [sic] for hiring illegal immigrants. It is clear we are not enforcing our laws, and it's time for that to change. As your Congressman, I support laws to stiffen penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants.” [Nick Lampson for Congress, accessed 5/15/08] “I do not believe we can pass an amnesty for people who break our immigration laws. Congress and President Reagan tried this in 1986, and two decades later, the number of illegal immigrants in this country is estimated between 11 and 12 million. The bottom line is: Congress tried an amnesty before, and it did not work. Amnesty sent the wrong message and encouraged further lawlessness.” [Nick Lampson for Congress, accessed 5/15/08]

The Olson Position:

ENFORCEMENT ONLY. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Olson's main message in the primary was that he would help cut government spending, eliminate illegal immigration, improve national security and help win the war in Iraq.” [The Houston Chronicle, 4/10/08] On his campaign website, Republican candidate and former Navy officer Pete Olson says that he supports: “an increased commitment to FULLY enforce our laws – no excuses, no delays, and no second chances for those who break our laws. Amnesty is not an option.... Unlike our current Congressman, I won’t support new benefits for illegal immigrants – that only entices more people to come to our country illegally. It’s wrong, it makes no sense, and it is a policy that Texans reject... I will work to help our local law enforcement get the funding and training necessary to help in our national fight against criminal illegal immigrants.” [Pete Olson for Congress, accessed 5/15/08]