The Giffords Position

COMPREHENSIVE REFORMER. On the campaign trail, Giffords has touted her comprehensive approach to immigration reform. “Giffords said that if she’s re-elected, she will continue pushing for a comprehensive bill one that includes a border security measure coupled with a guest-worker plan and a citizenship plan.” [Arizona Daily Star, 8/11/08] In advocating for comprehensive reform, Giffords has painted herself as a strong opponent of the status quo and an advocate for federal action. “Our immigration laws need to be overhauled. In Southern Arizona, we’re in the thick of things,” she said in an interview. “We’ve paid a heavy price for Washington’s inability to update our laws.” [Arizona Daily Star, 8/11/08] On her website, Giffords advocates for increased border security, tougher employer sanctions, and an effective guest worker program. In a list of her first-term accomplishments, Giffords points to “75 floor speeches with 19 on immigration” and her various forums and teleconferences on immigration. [Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ Website, accessed 5/1/08] After Arizona began implementing a law requiring businesses to use a flawed federal program to verify an employee’s work authorization in 2008, Giffords testified before Congress about the need to improve the accuracy of the federal government’s database, and said that comprehensive reform is needed to truly fix the system.