Bilbray - The Leibham Position

ENFORCEMENT PLUS. Nick Leibham has mentioned illegal immigration only infrequently throughout the campaign, and his campaign web site lists no immigration position. [Nick Leibham for Congress, accessed 10/21/08] During an interview with the progressive political blog Calitics, Leibham said that the United States must secure its borders. "The most fundamental job of a nation is to protect its sovereignty, and when you can't secure your borders and ports, you can't protect your sovereignty. ... As a nation, we need to recognize that we are going to have to put a significant amount of money, time and effort into suring up our southern border," he said. After that, companies that hire illegal immigrants should be targeted, he said. "As a former prosecutor ... if you really want to dry up illegal immigration, you hold employers accountable, and I'll be the only one up on stage that has ever prosecuted an employer for hiring illegal immigrants. After that's done, you get to other questions." [Calitics blog, accessed 10/21/08] As the North County Times reported in March 2008, some voters in the District have been frustrated by the candidate's failure to articulate a clear immigration position. However, Liebham did tell a crowd that he disagreed with Rep. Bilbray's immigration stance. [North County Times, 3/13/08]