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Cultural and social relations with the new republics

Cultural and social relations with the new republics seemed to make rapid progress with Moscow’s long standing understanding and even support, but this time Washington delivered deadly blows to them with their all out objection to Turkey’s having close relations with the new republics, unless Ankara is a “figurant” (extra) in the overall American BME plans.

The Turkish language research and teaching centre of Ankara University, TOMER, was reinforced greatly. In May 2004 this 21 year old institution received the European language passport from the Council of Europe. The first joint university of the Turkish world, The Ahmet Yesevi University was founded in Ankara by Turkey and Kazakhstan and it currently has 25,000 students from Central Asia and Turkey. An international university founded jointly by Turkey and Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek in 1995, the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, is functioning very well. But the most effective leg of these cultural activities for the Turkish world failed considerably over Washington’s BME plans.

In 1992 PM Demirel put into force an ambitious educational program to train in Turkish universities 10,000 students (2000 from each of the five new countries) with generous Turkish scholarships. They would be the rulers of their countries in future and consolidate the Turkish cultural and economic unity and solidarity. After a good start and a successful performance in the first two years the program flopped with the new States, particularly Uzbekistan, withdrawing their students from Turkey because they were being subjected to “unacceptable” American propaganda to be their subversion agents.