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The United States seems to be sincere in its utter surprise and annoyance about the surge of anti-American feelings among the Turkish people, and paradoxically the Turks are equally sincere in their failure to understand why.

The latest example of these mutual misunderstandings was again a press-release from the American Embassy in Ankara last week and again the uncontrollable remark in surprise and annoyance of the Turkish people: “Again the same ambassador with the same bullying by the guilty.” The article below is an attempt to explain the Turkish side’s outlook and feelings in this tragic chain of misunderstandings between the two great nations with the hope that they will eventually come round to the point of speaking mutually understandable languages before it is too late.

Reputable Turkish daily Milliyet (9th) headlines in an inner page over four large columns: “Grave accusation from the United States – The American Embassy accuses the daily Yeni Safak of being in league with pro-Al Qaeda internet systems because it claimed that chemical weapons have been used in Iraq.”